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Leading the field of corporate governance and corporate responsibility whilst increasing managerial transparency and strengthening the trust and relations between investors and companies

יעוץ ממשל תאגידי ואחריות תאגידית

Corporate governance is not a regulatory framework ! Rather, it is a managerial tool and a means to increase investors trust.
Entropy Corporate Governance is a member company of the Entropy Group. At Entropy Corporate Governance we advise investors and issuers on matters of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. We assist companies and corporations in implementing comprehensive control systems and improving the corporate governance aspects of their operations, from the vantage point of cost-effectiveness that takes into account the specific activities of the corporation. The operating methodology is based on the Entropy model of assessing the risks of corporate governance. It is our goal to walk hand-in-hand with the corporations on their journey to improve the quality of their corporate governance and reducing the resulting risks, whilst at the same time, focusing and optimizing the resources and creating a positive discussion between all stakeholders, including: institutional investors, corporations, issuers and the various regulatory bodies.

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