Pineapple fund, part of Entropy Group has been set up to manage investments in web platforms that provide digital credit services with the aim to provide its investors, both geographical diversification and sectoral diversification (consumer credit, real estate credit and credit for small and medium businesses). The fund is based on a combination of high professional capabilities that will enable Managing investors money in a controlled and conservative manner and in accordance with the risk appetite of financial institutional entities in Israel.


In addition to professional investment aspects, the Fund decided to be fully transparent to its investors and keep the highest regulation demands in the local environment by setting up self-management and corporate governance mechanism.

The fund follows a corporate governance policy based on the entropy group’s policies


Board Of Directors And Management Team – The Fund had created corporate governance and management mechanisms, including defining investment policy and summoning internal and external investments committee.

Internal And External Audits – The Fund has appointed independent auditors and external auditors.

Reports Transparency – The Fund operates transparently with ongoing reports in accordance with the highest standards of institutional bodies in Israel.

Ethics, Risk Management And Compliance – The fund operates in accordance with a designated ethical code and Risk Management regulatory policies.


The fund invest in the MPL market, investing in online platforms that specialized in providing credit services in variety of areas (consumer credit, real estate credit and small and medium business credit), which are an additional investment channel on existing portfolios that are low volatility and non-correlative to the traditional market outcomes. The field of consumer lending based on P2P platforms had become a legitimate and acceptable asset for institutional investors, and in the State of Israel alone, billions of shekels have been raised in recent years to invest in this segment from both institutional entities and eligible customers.


The Fund will invest in the United States and Western Europe  MPL, in accordance with the Fund’s investment policy, with sector diversification including consumer credit, real estate credit and credit for small and medium-sized businesses. Investments will be deployed in long and well established platforms with emphasis to the platforms track record, liquidity and governance manner. The portfolio will include several (3-6) platforms to diversify the investments and to reduce the correlation between the capital market and the fund investments. The fund will work to achieve surplus returns on low-risk conservative investment over time.

Investment in the fund is made possible in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, and NIS.