Tamir Porat

CEO Of Entropy Finance And Investments

Tamir holds a BA and MBA in economics and business administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, magna cum laude, and he is currently completing his LL.B. Until the end of 2012, for a decade, Tamir served as, the chief executive officer of Investment Management, chairperson of the Funds Company and VP Investments, Research and Development, in the Clal Finance Group. Previously, Tamir served as a director and member of the investment committee of Mabat Exchange Traded Notes and Clal Gemel, and has extensive experience in a diversity of senior executive management positions in the capital markets, spanning over two decades. Within his positions he managed investments in the scope of billions of New Israeli Shekels, in Israel and worldwide. In addition, he acts as a business mentor and lecturer on economics and investments. In recent years he has been active in real-estate entrepreneurship and real investments.

Oran Walach

CEO Of Entropy Finance And Investments

Oran joined the Entropy Group about 8 years ago. He holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Tel Aviv University, magna cum laude, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, also magna cum laude. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of company valuations and debt analysis. He previously held a position as the valuator of Giza Fund and a position as an analyst in what was formerly Ofek Securities and Investments, as well as a position as a credit analyst in the business division of Bank Mizrahi Tefahot.