It is our view, that to create quality and effective training processes, the method of conveying the content is equally important. The “how” and the “what” are like two ‘peas in a pod’. Our years of experience proved that a combination of enjoyable hands-on experience and the principles positive psychology, create better and faster meaningful learning. We offer a diverse variety of possibilities on how to implement knowledge, such as different types of tailored workshops, active lectures/talks which are fun, extraordinary, and engaging, and in which the audience are active participants and get to experience, hands-on, the insights of the lecture/talk. Our view, which is backed by research, is that engaging and experiential learning that involves the human senses and strengthens interactions, is far more effective for internalizing and long-term memory building of knowledge. We also offer tailored conferences that engage the audience in hands-on learning experiences through which we implement and facilitate the internalization of knowledge in a fun and pleasurable way.

רשימת התכנים לדוגמא

ניהול סיכונים, הטמעת בטיחות בעבודה, תחזיות מכר, שיווק, מכירות, שרות, הטמעת נהלים, הובלת שינויים, התמודדות עם שינויים, לחץ ושחיקה, ניהול רגשות ותוצאות, ניהול זמן, חיזוק חוזקות, הנאה בהנעה, יצירתיות וחדשנות, תקשורת בין אישית, ויסות רגשי, התמודדות עם אלימות וסיטואציות מורכבות, תהליכי קבלת החלטות.


 Engaging and Competitive Implementation Conference

A learning conference is designed to instill effective, fast and efficient learning of procedures, knowledge, regulations and models as well as any other organizational knowledge you may want to pass on to large groups of employees (100-1,000) participating in the conference. The conference is structured as a competitive game in which teams (a competition among tables) deal with, and handle a diversity of tasks suited to the professional content you wish to instill. The conference turns into a learning and experience happening in which hands-on, fun, educating and engaging participation is the key ingredient.

* The outline of the competition and type of tasks are suited to the desired content and the needs of the organization.

Agents of Change Stations Activity Conference

This type of conference is one in which the employees go through different stations of activities, where each station is dedicated to a different topic. As opposed to the ordinary and known activity stations type of workshop, in this one, the topics of the stations and the structuring of the activities in each station will be done together with specific employees chosen for this purpose, to whom we refer as ‘agents of change’. The underlying idea in this type of conference and activities is, that the employees themselves partake in preparing and activating the stations, and this in turn leads to greater engagement, involvement, interest, a sense of recruitment and enthusiasm for the event and its content.

The content is conveyed via the learning stations, involving hands-on engaging in activities, and which was developed jointly with the employees chosen as ‘agents of change’, who undergo professional training and guidance for the purpose.

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Examples of possible content for station activity conference:

Risk management, work safety implementation, sales projections, marketing, sales, service, implementing internal procedures, leading changes, handling and dealing with change, stress and work erosion / fatigue, management of emotion and results, time management, reinforcing personal strengths, joy in motivation, creativity and innovations, interpersonal communication, acclimatize emotions, handling complex and violent situations, decision-making processes.


An active lecture / talk is unique, fun and out of the ordinary. It is the brainchild of Entropy Organizational Development, and in it, the audience actively participates and is engaged in exercises that allow them to experience the insights arising from the content of the lecture / talk. It is our view, which is backed up by substantive research, that engaging and fun learning that involves the human senses and strengthens interactions, is far more effective for long term internalization and remembering the learned content.

Examples of lecture / talk content:

  1. The science of happiness – On the connection between emotions and results.
  2. Positive psychology attitude to management.
  3. To change and to become changed – on coping in an ever changing world.
  4. ‘Playdagogy’ – learning, games and the connection between them.
  5. Doing ‘RM’ – how to do risk management everywhere and any time.


:See an example lecture