We provide comprehensive instruction and guidance tools to organizations, beginning at the stage of identifying the needs, through developing the instructional programs according to the target ‘learners’ of the organization, and the actual instructional sessions lead by a team of professional and skilled moderators. We enable our clients to enjoy all of the services under one umbrella! Our methods of instruction and guidance were successfully put to the test in hundreds of organizations and with more than one hundred thousand employees and executives that have already benefited from our instructional and guidance processes. Even when the content to be conveyed is complicated, dull and boring, leave it in our hands, and we will find creative ways to engage the participants and have them undergo a meaningful and enjoyable session, that will undoubtedly result in knowledge in the organization having been implemented in an efficient manner.


Our expertise is to take complicated and unique content and simplify them into fun, effective and accessible instructional session plans. With the cooperation of the organization’s key knowledge-holders we prepare an in-depth mapping-out of the organization’s needs, fine-tune the underlying message and the relevant implementation fields, and develop instructional solutions suited to these needs.

It is your choice whether to have us carry out the professional instruction and guidance of the content, or, to have us tutor moderators from within the organization to instruct on the content we developed for you.


A hands-on experience instructional kit that is content adapted, forms a learning and implementation tool through which you can convey knowledge, messages, procedures, updates and more.

The kit is built in a simple and easy-to-operate way, making, the transfer of knowledge, continuous learning, availability, ease of use and more, a very easy and manageable task, whilst maintaining an enjoyable, fun and effective learning experience that will be etched in one’s memory for years to come.

Examples of types of instructional kits: Board games, gamified presentations, application, card games, all come with a kit manual that includes the session plan and instructional aids.

לדוגמה: “Ten משוב” – ערכת משוב חווייתית אשר מטרתה להפוך את תהליך המשוב השנתי לחוויה מהנה, מלמדת ומשותפת של המנהל ושל העובד. ייחודיות הערכה בכך שהיא מעודדת שיתוף של העובד בשיחת המשוב, אווירת שיחה נינוחה ופתוחה בין המנהל לעובדיו ובכך יוצר משוב אפקטיבי ואיכותי יותר .

לצפייה בסרטון


Nowadays, Escape Rooms are popping up in every street corner. Escape rooms incorporate and intertwine thinking challenges with a fun and unforgettable team experience. At Entropy Organizational Development we will build for you, fixed or mobile escape rooms, in a space within the premises of the organization dedicated for that purpose, or at events, instructional centers and any other location you choose. The mobile escape room easily folds into several boxes that can be transported anywhere, out of the booth of an ordinary family-sized car. We make it our mission to design and produce escape rooms that are mentally challenging and that incorporate the learning of relevant knowledge, as well as a fun and enjoyable experience, all in a manner that is tailored to suit the organization’s content and needs. We design and build unique escape rooms suited to specific clients as well as specific content.


Remote learning has in recent years become an effective solution for large organizations, assisting the latter in making knowledge accessible throughout the entire organization, anywhere and at any time. Nonetheless, organizations are finding out that the impact and effectiveness of learning and implementation through educational software or instructional videos, are not compatible with active group learning, which has been proven, time and time again, as far more effective.

Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life), created the winning combo between remote digital learning and interactive and sharing-based learning (also known as peer instruction). The SPSEs are in fact, videoed interactive workshops, during which the moderator conveys the content and actively engages the participants, in a manner that allows the transfer of knowledge, creation of discussions, brainstorming and peer instruction in a positive experiential and digital way, that is accessible at any given time. The SPSEs are watched together, activities are done together, and participants learn as a team. Each SPSE is designed to cause the implementation of one topic and the activity is intended to last around half an hour during a team meeting, morning briefing or another time allocated for the purpose by the executive.

The SPSEs can be a onetime occurrence or a process, depending on the quantity of the content and the theme the organization is aiming at.

We recommend creating a ‘vault’ of SPSEs varying in content, to be placed on the organization’s portal, so it’s available for use by the executives at any time they choose to utilize it.

All of the activities and tools do not require any special preparation time, nor any special aids, so they can be operated at a moment’s notice without any time investment on the part of the executive.

מניפות כיס

The ‘hand-held pocket fan’ includes dozens of tools and very short activities that facilitate the transfer of knowledge on any topic, in a manner that suits the needs of the organization, and without need for any advance preparation or special aiding tools. The executive, ‘agent of change’ or organization’s in-house instructor, can, at any time, “pull out” the pocket fan and incorporate the activity in meetings, beginning of a shift, field outing, team instruction session and more. The activities are divided into categories according to needs.

The pocket fans contain activities and ideas for transfer of knowledge and/or a summary of the knowledge itself.

We have generic pocket fans that are tailored to executives and instructional personnel, and we are able to develop pocket fans for various organizations according to specific needs, such as, implementation of procedures, regulations, organizational values, work perceptions, management methods and more.