המצאה ושילוב משחקים בהדרכה והוראה

We invite you to learn gamification in a result based gamification course, in which you will learn to create games in any field and subject you engage in. The course is aimed at those engaged in coaching groups, instruction, management, teaching, group therapy as well as all of those who work with groups or audiences, privately or within organizations and companies.

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Entropy Organizational Development (formerly, Game of Life) is the leading body in Israel in the field of result oriented gamification as a tool to enjoy the journey, creating internal motivation and improving measurable results. Another branch of the result oriented gamification field is the development of experiential instructions that combine games and experiences with professional content.

The instructional process gamification course is a professional course for applicational gamification, that teaches how to create games using the “Result Oriented Gamification®”, combine games, fun and entertainment within the instructional process, as well as improve instructional skills.

All of the participants get to learn, receive and use the pocket fan toolkit that includes dozens of learning games, which can be adapted to any topic and teaching subject. The pocket fan toolkit is divided into categories of learning-advancing activities.

Additional courses are formulated for groups of various organizations. These courses are tailored to the needs of the specific organization and its goals.

עלות הקורס: 2,900 ש”ח.


הקורס מתקיים במגדל שלום, אחד העם 9, תל אביב

Day of the WeekThird SessionSecond SessionFirst SessionCourse Dates
WednesdayDecember 26, 2018December 19, 2018December 12, 2018December
TuesdayFebruary 19, 2018February 12, 2019February 5, 2019February


  • Acquisition of innovative and desired tools in the world of instruction and learning
  • How to invent and develop games that result in implementing the desired messages and content using the “Result Oriented Gamification®” method we developed
  • Experience and get acquainted with a vast amount of games
  • Ignite and develop the well of creativity that lies within each one of us
  • How to use the different gaming components in non-gamed processes to improve results, implementation and internalization
  • To strengthen the instructional and presentation skills as well as the ability to stand before audiences, and to moderate a game in groups of any size
  • To make the most out of instructional time, implement content and tutoring by using games whilst enjoying the journey to achieving the desired results

Gamification course syllabus


Over 95% of the graduates of the courses of Game of Life attested, in anonymous questionnaires, that they would highly recommend the course. Many of them were even happy to attest in name and in writing. Here are a few recommendations from our graduates:

“I genuinely enjoyed the course, it was worthwhile travelling five hours each time to partake in such an experience. I realized that I too, can be creative and invent games, and that it’s important not remain fixated in the games we know.

Thank you Or, for giving me the tools, in your own special way, and thanks to all the amazing group members, as well as to Kfir and Tomer, that thanks to all of you I enjoyed myself and learned in a most experiential way.”

“In the first session, when the participants introduced themselves and said that they are repeating the course once more, I didn’t understand. I also didn’t really understand the feedback I read on the website about the life changing course. Today, after having completed the course, I can absolutely say that I understand, you bet I

“All of the participants thoroughly enjoyed and felt contributed to. We are all instructional developers, and we have already begun incorporating games that we invent in our instructional activities, using the methodology our moderator taught us”

“For us, gamification is an essential and the most accessible tool for the groups with whom we work, our instructors have just concluded a six-months training, and the majority of them pointed out that it was the most meaningful training they underwent. In my eyes, the tool I have been using to date received an upgrade and became a basic and meaningful instructional tool.”

“A wonderful and thoroughly insightful course. At each session, a door opened to a new direction filled with ideas. The application of the tools works like a charm! In workshops, working with managers, employee groups, in and out of the classroom. This is a serious and vast toolkit for any coach, group moderator, executive or advisor”

I gifted the course to myself for my birthday as an opportunity to experience something new. Little did I know! The course by far exceeded my expectations. A new world of games opened before me as well as paths of creativity and personal expression. A different road revealed itself, fun (games) and challenging (to create more games), another perspective of life and friends that opens doors to more new worlds…. Thank you for facilitating”

“An experiential, exciting, interesting and challenging course!

I enjoyed the learning and experimenting in the sessions, I had the privilege of meeting an amazing group of people as well as receiving the benefit of true, whole-hearted professional guidance by Or… an important training for the personal toolkit of everyone that appears before audiences and works with people, I strongly recommend to register today!”

“This is not only a program that influenced my educational roles but also my entire life. Ever since the course began, I find myself ‘addicted’ to the method, content, the way and the results that they lead to. My friends and colleagues got a glimpse of what I experienced in the sessions in different forums in which I am active. There is no doubt that Game of Life is an empowering, fertilizing and a breath of fresh air in the vast field of courses available out there, and I

If you want to hear more, please feel free to write me at

highly recommend it”.

“My summation of the course is one word over and over again – fun, fun, fun! It was a lovely break from routine that helped me upgrade my routine through play. I learned a great deal about games, but more important than that, I learned a great deal about myself and how to help others have more fun in life and work”

“If you have the desire to experience creative thinking and upgrade your work – you have come to the right place!

Only at the course did I realize that play is a meaningful tool to promote various subjects (often boring ones) at work – my exposure to the learning experience and the way it is conveyed – made the difference”

“Thanks to you I reconnected with the girl in me, the girl that loved to play and invent games in childhood. For me, you rocked it!”

“The guided gaming course is a gift I gave myself (if not me, then who?), only to find out that I rocked it, having given myself a ginormous gift! I earned a wonderful professional tool in group moderating. I enjoyed the engaging, funny, experiential and pleasurable way in which the course was instructed, all of this without derogating from the high level of professionalism and the unique tools given to the participants. I met wonderful people, true professionals, with a boundless ability to give unlimited joy, from whom I received way more than just tools in group instruction. Naturally, I am referring to the wonderful instructors Or and Chava, and to he who stands beside them, behind them and alongside them, Gil. Pure profit from this course were my fellow group members, that most of all were well-wishers, facilitators and smilers 😊

I highly recommend!!!”

A successful combination of learning a gamification model of every subject under the sun, as well as personal growth. The material being taught as well as the hands-on method of teaching the games had an impact on my personal growth. The support and empowerment that occurs throughout the entire course, reverberates in my day-to-day, at work, with friends and at home.

Other than the methodology being taught, you are offered a positive approach to life itself. A change of approach that has immediate impact on any activity or meeting you partake in.

The instruction in the course is professional, exact and impressive. The level of the participants is very high and is one of the key factors to its success.

To all of the above, there is the sheer joy and great fun in every session, a constant ‘stepping out of the box’, an open invitation to experience and dare without being judged, criticized and having nothing but support and encouragement.

This is the most interesting course I undertook in the last decade, and it’s regretful that they don’t have a continuing advanced course, and in a way, it is a shame I already did the course, because, no one would be happier than myself, to start the course all over again.


“Life is like a game – the true winner is he who enjoys”. In the course “Guided Games” we finally apply this sentence rather than only speak it, or think it…where do you apply it? In every field – we incorporate it in our lectures, talks and workshops, in our personal life – with our family, friends and any person that crosses our path… Thank you Or and Chava for a fun, enriching, creative and joyous experience! It was you and the other ‘team’ players that made it so much fun.

To me, this course was a ‘life changing experience’. Play is now in every part of my life, and it totally changed my life experience as well as that of those surrounding me, and the useful tools and fascinating knowledge I gained in the course – are making me and many people around me play in life all the time with every opportunity and every situation.

Above all, it was the experience of the course and the process within – so much so, that when looking back, I am amazed at what I gained from a 12 session course…

I used to wait with anticipation for Tuesdays. I came back home happy and energized for the entire week, the positive atmosphere of the sessions was at a level I never encountered before, so empowering, cradling, making me grow on a personal level as well. Undoubtedly, this is the most fascinating, educating, experiential, joyous and positive course I ever took to date.”

“Welcome to a special experience, in which you gain insights that will carry you through thousands of life years. I was happy to become acquainted with the Game of Life program, I loved it very much and I enjoyed the games. The program inspired me to observe anew not only play, but life itself. With tremendous love to Chava and Or”.


“The course was filled with energy and vibes of love and giving, tons of patience, laughter and fun, fun, fun… I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and feel contributed to, and I am already creating games for workshops. You succeeded in gathering a quality group of people, and its probably not by chance… I highly recommend it to all of those out there that forgot how to play, that love to play and that want to reintroduce play, vitality and joy back into their and their loved ones lives”

“A fun, enjoyable and entertaining course. It opens up your thought channels, educates and enriches you! The thought and care invested in the course is evident throughout the instructions and adaptation of the content and the sessions to the needs of the group. You made me reconnect with the child within me, enjoy what it is engage in, and added another important dimension to my moderating and counseling. Carry on the good work and continue making so many people smile and play.”


The instructors and moderators of our course, are experts in the fields of positive psychology and gamification, and they possess a multitude of knowledge in these fields. The are all academically educated in the fields of social science, counselling and organizational development.

Our instructors and moderators live and breath the field on a daily basis, and they have vast practical experience in instructing and moderating courses, workshops, conferences as well as leading processes within organizations. Out of their own experience, our instructors and moderators will share with you real life examples of diversified gamified processes.


So how do we start playing?

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