Entropy Financial Research Services engages in providing professional opinions and voting recommendations at general meetings of public companies as well as proxy services. Its clients are institutional investors that constitute minority shareholders in public companies. Entropy Financial Research Services has a very high level of professional capabilities as well as vast experience, including in the field of corporate governance.

In the opinions it provides to its clients, Entropy Financial Research Services provides qualitative, professional and independent financial analyses, via its large team that includes analysts and research personnel having various specialty fields (lawyers, accountants, economists, regulatory professionals), all of whom possess many years of experience in the capital markets and financial work.

The professional analyses of Entropy Financial Research Services are based on a policy and guidelines for providing opinions at general meetings, which were formulated with the cooperation and assistance of Prof. Yishay Yafeh and Prof. Ehud Kamar. The voting policy was formulated and shaped by a wide forum of professional entities – both internal and external, and which include representatives of institutional investors, a representative of the Israeli Association of Publicly Traded Companies and other professional experts. The policy is presented and approved in the investment committees and boards of directors of the institutional investors, who are clients of Entropy Financial Research Services. In April 2018 our voting policy was updated and distributed to all of our clients. It is also available for review on our website.

Early approach to public companies: Entropy Financial Research Services, which advises to institutional investors, is equipped to handle the ongoing and numerous challenges facing all of the parties that are engaged in this activity, including handling new and upcoming regulations. In light of statutory amendments, including Amendments 16 and 20 to the Companies Law, 5759-1999, we are required to provide a solution to public companies on matters pertaining to general meetings (following the publication of an immediate report of an upcoming general meeting), with the aim of examining whether the outline of matters on the agenda of the general meeting meets the guidelines of Entropy Research’s voting policy that was adopted in conjunction with the institutional investors that are our clients, who represent minority shareholders.

Entropy’s voting policy (Hebrew version)

Voting Policy Appendix