Gal Staal

Group Chairman, Co-Owner

Chairperson of the Group and its founder (co-owner), Gal has a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BA), specializing in accounting and finance, from The College of Management Academic Studies (The Collman College). Gal has 20 years of experience in diverse advisory fields, particularly, the worlds of regulation, corporate governance, risk management, strategy and capital markets. Prior to founding Entropy, Gal served as chief executive officer of PwC Kesselman Israel’s Risk Management Advisory firm, which he co-founded. As part of his role in PwC he partook in leading international projects. Since founding Entropy, Gal serves as senior advisor to large corporations on matters of international strategies and various projects in addition to managing the Entropy Group. Gal is very well acquainted with the Israeli capital market and the financial sector at large, stemming from the Group’s diverse activities in the fields of, general meetings – acting as representatives of institutional investors, corporate governance, risk management and advisory services. Gal’s in-depth acquaintance with the Israeli capital market further stems from his first-hand acquaintance with the leading and senior entities and bodies active in these fields. Currently, Gal serves as active chairperson of the Entropy Group, and as its leading and strategic professional. Gal regularly appears and talks in conferences, directors’ courses as well as risk management courses in leading academic institutions.

Ernest Katzir

Group’s CEO, Co-Owner

Co-founder of the Entropy Group, Ernest holds an Executive MBA from the Bar Ilan University. Ernest is the Group’s management and operational leader. He has over 20 years of experience in the Group’s core fields of operation and practice, as well as handling the Group’s clients with their most central challenges.

Roy Staal

Partner And CEO Of Entropy Processes, Risk & Regulation

Roy leads the company’s diverse activities and management. Roy has 15 years of experience in the fields of risk management, as well as regulation and process management, including, management of work-process efficiency and improvement, risk management generally and IT risk management in particular, data and cyber protection risks, implementation of SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) regulations, internal auditing and review and more. Roy gained his knowledge and experience in the framework of managing and carrying-out numerous projects for the Group’s diverse range of clients, which include, banking and financial institutions, industrial companies, communication companies, hi-tech entities, governmental bodies and more.

Mati Aharon

Partner And CEO Of Entropy Corporate Governance

Mati has an LL.B and a B.A. in business administration. Mati also holds an investment advisors license from the Israeli Securities Authority. He has over 13 years of experience in research and corporate governance, of which he served 8 years in senior executive positions within the Entropy Group. Mati is one of the founders of Entropy Financial Research Services and between 2010 and 2015, he served as manager of the General Meetings Division in Entropy.

Alon Feder

Partner, Head Of Business Development And Sales Division

Alon has over 15 years of experience in the core areas in which Entropy Group operates.

Has a Bachelor of Laws degree and an MBA.

Alon has vast experience in leading, managing and executing complex cross organizational projects and processes in leading companies in the Israeli market, along with experience in business development and penetration into new markets.

Sigi Zelinger

CEO Of Entropy Organizational Development

Sigi serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Entropy Organizational Development. She leads its vision and strategy and directs the operational paths of achieving the Group’s goals. Sigi joined Entropy following 25 years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where, in her last position she was lieutenant colonel in the IDF’s human resources division. As part of her military career she served in a variety of positions in the human resources division of the IDF, both in the field and in command headquarters. In her last role, she served as commanding officer of the Jerusalem recruitment base. Through her entire career, in her special way and conviction, she handled human resources by laying down her vision and implementing it in the organization, making those changes that were necessary to meet the goals of the organization, maximizing efficiency and streamlining, providing service, empowering people and more. To this day, drawing on her vast experience, Sigi is invited to lecture before youth, educators and parents on the subjects of recruitment and placement in the IDF. Sigi holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, sociology and anthropology, as well as a master’s degree in public administration, both from Bar Ilan University.

Ilanit Ella


Ilanit is a qualified certified public accountant and holds a BA in business administration and accounting from the Ono Academic College. Ilanit is responsible for managing the Group’s finance division, and she is in charge of the overall ongoing finance operations as well as preparing the financial reports of all of the Group companies. Previously, Ilanit worked at the accountancy firm Ziv-Haft (BDO). In her last position she served as the manager of the internal auditing portfolios of public companies operating in the capital markets, pension funds, provident funds, private funds as well as large scale private companies.


Hani Gera

Marketing Director

Hani holds a B.A in psychology and business administration. In her position as Marketing Director of the Entropy Group, Hani leads the branding and marketing of each one of the Group companies. Additionally, she is responsible for the professional training program in association with Israeli Center of Finances aimed at educating directors and office holders. Hani has over 10 years of in-depth experience in sales and marketing. In her previous role, she was head of the Business Division of the Meda Conferences Company, which included initiating and producing yearly B2B conferences in various fields as well as managing teams of employees.

Noa Pascal

Director Of Human Resources

Noa is the Entropy Group’s Director of Human Resources, and as such, is responsible for recruitment and welfare of the Group’s employees.

Bono Messi

Director Of Information Systems

Marcel Staal

Logistics Director