Entropy Website – Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms of use are intended for all genders, and any reference to the male gender includes the female and neuter genders, and vice-versa.

  1. Preliminary

The Entropy Group (the “Group”) website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is a public image website aimed at maintaining communications with the Group’s clients, and you are invited to do so therein, subject to the terms and conditions of use contained herein.

  1. Usage of this Website, including any and all content therein, including any services offered, downloading or files, any form of media, such as pictures as well as videos, and the different content offered to visitors of this Website, may change from time to time.

The Website’s management reserves its right, from time to time, to update the terms and conditions of use contained herein, as well as the content of this Website, without notice or specific reference to such changes in the different Website pages or channels.

  1. Intellectual Property

This Website as well as all of the information contained in it, including, the Website design, media files, graphics, videos, pictures, texts, downloadable files and every other material or information presented on or within the Website, are the exclusive property of, and entirely owned by the Entropy Group and Website, and constitute the sole and exclusive intellectual property of the Entropy Group and Website, and they may not be used without the prior written consent of the Entropy Group. In addition, it is prohibited to, distribute, disseminate, copy, duplicate, publish, emulate, or, to process, code or parts thereof, graphics, movies, trademarks or any other media and other content without prior written consent.

  1. Website Content

We aim to provide you the content presented on the Website without interruptions, however, it is possible that interruptions may occur in the availability of the Website, due to technical matters, third party malfunctions or other reasons. Therefore, we do not undertake to make the Website available to you at any given time, and no monetary or other compensation will be awarded or otherwise given due to a cessation in the Website’s services and/or the removal of the Website.

  1. Links to other websites do not constitute any assurance or guarantee that such other websites are secure, safe, of good quality or credible, and visiting any such websites via such links is done so in the sole and exclusive discretion and responsibility of users and visitors of the Website.
  2. The content offered on the Website is the sole and exclusive property of the Entropy Group, except if explicitly stated otherwise or where it was specifically mentioned that it is subject to the copyrights of an external third party, and it may not be used other than in accordance with these terms and conditions (See Section 3). Where third party copyrights are mentioned, then the terms and conditions of use thereof should be looked up through the external link, and use thereof should be made according to those terms and conditions which are contained in the external website so linked.
  3. Management of Website Users and Visitors

The Website’s team / management shall use reasonable and customary measures to protect the privacy of the Website’s registered users / subscribers. In the event that a third party is able to obtain access to information, it is hereby agreed, that web-surfers, users and subscribers shall have no claim, suit or demand against any of the Website’s and/or the Entropy Group’s teams and/or management.

  1. Disclosure

This website may use cookies (particularly with registered users and subscribers), as well as internal statistical interfaces, for the purpose of maintaining anonymous statistical records of web-surfers and analyzing web-surfer(s) movements, surfing habits on the Website, clicks analysis and time spent on the Website. At any given time, and other than pertaining to web-surfers that are connected to a database, the information saved is entirely anonymous and does not contain the web-surfers name or any other identifying information thereof.

  1. Jurisdiction

Whilst visiting or surfing this Website, and in the event of any dispute, you hereby agree, that these terms and conditions are subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of the State of Israel, and the courts of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa shall have sole and exclusive subject matter and local jurisdiction over any such dispute.